Hypnosis has ancient roots in Europe and other parts of the world. Records of hypnotism, the study and practice of hypnosis, go back at least 3,000 years. It is one of the most effective methods known to mankind to uncover and use the potential of the mind for therapeutic change and for personal development.

Hypnotherapy provides a most effective method to reveal, understand and heal the roots of psychological problems and their symptoms and generate changes in mental processes and behaviors. There is an abundance of clinical and experimental evidence that attests to the efficacy of hypnotic procedures. Hypnosis enables an individual to tap into the mind powerful ability to promote healing changes in the body. It can be used for performance enhancement in virtually any field of human activity.

The effectiveness of this ancient art is amply supported by many kinds of evidence over a long period of time including documented Western medical and psychological case studies. Scientific studies have now begun to provide some insights into the mechanisms by which hypnosis can produce its remarkable beneficial effects. Hypnotherapy is increasingly regarded by the general public and professionals alike as a very effective therapy for a wide variety of psychological, behavioral and psychosomatic problems.

It is in high demand in such areas as stress management, personal development and performance enhancement in a wide variety of fields, including sports, education and business.

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