Hypnotherapy Training International (HTI) is the main teaching faculty of the British Society of Hypnotherapists (1950). HTI is the only UK training organisation, as far as is known, that offers courses in excess of 200 hours exclusively dedicated to specialised training in hypnotherapy.

Training is provided to Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels as well as teaching highly specialised applications of hypnosis.

The training programme incorporates the most dynamic and effective methods of classical hypnotism for achieving results. The most effective techniques, proven over the long history of hypnotism, are combined with modern developments from the most effective practitioners of the 20th century, including Gil Boyne, Dave Elman and Milton Erickson.

The programme provides the student with new concepts and methods of hypnotism and aims to remove old limiting beliefs about the mind and its potential. The use of dynamic hypnotic methods combined with powerful insights into the workings of the mind provides the necessary practical and theoretical basis for dramatic results in therapy. In contrast, many hypnotherapy courses traditionally have taught what is essentially an elaborated form of "suggestion" therapy which, for many psychological problems at best provides only limited benefits that are frequently transient. These courses do not teach in-depth procedures of hypnoanalysis and other methods of advanced clinical hypnotherapy.

The programme incorporates the radical, rapid-acting methods of the renowned hypnotherapist Gil Boyne. The Institute is the only training body in the UK licensed to teach Transforming TherapyTM, the hypnotherapy system developed by Gil Boyne. The level of training in Transforming TherapyTM in this course is not available anywhere else in the world outside the USA.

All of the powerful, radical methods of hypnotherapy developed by Gil Boyne in almost 50 years of practice, study and teaching are included in the training programme. An outstanding practitioner and teacher, Gil Boyne studied with pioneering figures in therapy including Dr. Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy, Dr. Carl Rogers, the principal figure in modern counselling and Dr. Alexander Lowen, founder of Bioenergetics. Gil Boyne adapted and included the best therapeutic procedures from various therapy systems in hypnotherapy practice. These procedures, together with classical hypnotism methods and new techniques and principles which he developed for therapeutic work were incorporated into Transforming TherapyTM.


COURSE DETAILS The courses approved by the Society are, in its opinion, among the most comprehensive and effective trainings in hypnotherapy available anywhere in the world today.

These courses include a comprehensive content of both experiential and theoretical components. The focus is on those methods and techniques which have proven to be of maximum effectiveness in practical application.

Necessary elements of an effective hypnotherapy training course include live demonstrations with students supervised practice sessions with guidance from expert practitioners use of recorded video case material demonstrating powerful therapeutic results and covering a wide variety of clinical issues with in-depth commentary and explanations teaching staff with demonstrable success as hypnotherapy practitioners over a long period of time - the best teachers will have ten years or more of highly successful practice with substantial numbers of clients before teaching students the advanced art of hypnotherapy.

Students learn to understand clients problems effectively and successfully apply powerful methods to generate results that maximise success as a practitioner of this advanced healing art. They study the principles and practices of hypnotherapy in the classroom under the guidance of the instructors. Course participants learn how to hypnotise themselves and others effectively, and to refine their techniques by observing the instructors live demonstrations and by continuous practice on the course.

Students also observe instructional video recordings of powerful transformations of clients in real-life therapy sessions. Study of these recorded therapy sessions is facilitated by the instructors detailed commentaries and explanations in a step by step fashion of the therapeutic strategies, techniques and principles employed during the sessions. During the course, students are advised about the textbooks most valuable to study at each stage of their progress.

Training information on audio / video cassettes, CDs and DVDs is also available for study as part of the home learning component of the course. The training programme provides a full coverage of classical hypnotism to an advanced level. The courses are comprehensive in teaching the principles and practices of hypnotherapy and are pragmatic in their emphasis, not focussing on highly-speculative theories. Some of the principal topics covered in depth include the following the phenomena of hypnosis rapid inductions instantaneous inductions advanced methods of hypnosis induction and intensification of trance the subconscious minds power for change observational, listening and communicating skills principles underlying the therapeutic role and process advanced methods of Transforming Therapy dynamic use of language and semantics in hypnosis how problems are formed in the subconscious mind and how they are overcome powerful methods of uncovering subconscious problems dramatic effective age regression and abreaction techniques powerful hypnoanalytic methods of emotional intensification and catharsis dynamic methods of subconscious programming develop the qualities of a highly effective therapist hypnotherapy for powerful effects in the areas of psychological and behavioural problems, performance enhancement in sport, education and business, personal development, and for health benefits and assistance with specific medical problems.

The supervised practice will include coaching in successful delivery of hypnotic techniques use of the voice and speech patterns physical gestures and movements observation and listening skills COURSE INSTRUCTORS Training staff are all individuals who have many years of experience of delivering hypnotherapy training at the highest levels. All personnel participating in training courses have very extensive clinical experience in hypnotherapy. Core teaching staff include academically qualified psychologists with extensive training experience in clinical hypnosis, including teaching in the NHS.

The principal instructor of the training courses approved by the Society, is John Butler who has been successfully practicing hypnotherapy for nearly 35 years. He has taught the art of hypnotherapy to many students for over 17 years.

He has made more than 20 television appearances in connection with therapy, some of them featuring his use of hypnosis as the sole anaesthetic in invasive surgery. He lectured in major universities for over 12 years principally teaching medical psychology and medical neuroscience. John has studied a wide variety of psychological therapies and trained extensively in hypnotherapy and autogenic therapy. He trained intensively in Transforming TherapyTM under the direct tutelage of Gil Boyne. He wrote and tutored the first official training in hypnotherapy in the NHS, teaching at the Royal College of Nursing in London. He has contributed to a number of books on hypnotherapy and complementary therapies. John is the clinical author of the popular book, "Secrets of Hypnotherapy". The British Society of Hypnotherapy.

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